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Supported by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Nantes, L’École de design Nantes Atlantique is a private institution for higher education dedicated to design professions. Founded in 1988 and recognized by the State, the school is a non-profit organization. It is managed by a board of directors composed of consular elected representatives, company managers, professionals and student representatives.


Four core values

The school’s project is based on four values embodying our vision of design:
- the recognition of creative workers as true professionals,
- the promotion of design as a strong economic asset,
- design as a trigger for innovation,
- design as a practice that tackles social, economic and environmental issues in a responsible way.


A diversity of design curriculums, a strong link with business and industry

- a 3-year undergraduate program, in which students specialize in one of 4 options: Spatial Design, Graphic Design, Interaction Design or Product Design.
- a 2-year postgraduate course leading to a Master’s Degree in design (MDes) certified by the French Ministry of Higher Education. Postgraduate choose between one of the 10 cross-disciplinary programs offered, including  a 2-year curriculum in apprenticeship;
- 2-year vocational training courses supervised by the Vocational Training Center dedicated to Creation and Industrial Innovation training center (CFA) leading to an advanced vocational diploma (BTS), or a Bachelor’s Degree;
- continuing education;
- business services and design-promoting activities .

An institution rooted in its territory and open to the world

Since 1998, L’École de design Nantes Atlantique has been located on the technological campus Atlanpole La Chantrerie, in the northeastern area of Nantes (France), housed in a custom-built facility thanks to the support of local authorities (Nantes Saint-Nazaire Chamber of commerce and industry, the Pays de la Loire regional authorities, the Loire-Atlantique area local council, Nantes Métropole). The only design institution in western France, the school benefits from a unique regional situation.

For ten years now, it has proactively followed an outward-looking international development policy: academic exchange programs, participation in the international network “Cumulus”, opening of two foreign subsidiaries in the People’s Republic of China, now in Shanghai ("China Studio") and in India ("India Studio") in partnership with The Design Village in Delhi, India.

L’École de design Nantes Atlantique is an active member of various academic networks and professional organizations: Conférence des Grandes Écoles (top-tier French higher education institutions), PRES (Higher Education and Research Clusters) of the Universities of Nantes, Angers and Le Mans... For many years, its students have been awarded prizes in prestigious competitions. The successful careers pursued by our graduates is good proof of the quality of our teaching methods.

Managing Director: Christian Guellerin

A center for design and innovation

L’École de design has built an expertise in four socio-economic fields, combining eduction, experimental research and innovation, through four Design Labs:

- READi Design Lab dedicated to digital culture,
- Sustainable Cities Design Lab
dedicated to the evolution of mobility and built environment,
- New Eating Habits Design Lab
dedicated to food systems,
- Care Design Lab
dedicated to health, quality of life and social innovation .

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